Dov Seidman has built a global reputation for helping people and organizations outbehave the competition by dedicating new thought and energy to HOW they do what they do.

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His message has inspired tens of thousands of leaders across the world, impacting how organizations operate – from companies and cities to sports teams and the military.

Learn how Dov and the message of HOW can help inspire your people, elevate the behaviors of your teams, encourage leadership to embrace a new way of operating and leading in a reshaped world, discover new insights on the future of work and uncover new sources of competitive advantage.

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Dov Seidman

Dov maintains that in today’s connected, transparent, and interdependent world, people and organizations stand to gain by dedicating new thought and energy to how they do what they do. Dov is frequently invited to speak at leading industry events and to CEOs, senior executives and boards of directors. The HOW message has been brought to thousands of leaders across the globe. His presentations help people and organizations find a way to make sense of and thrive in our complex, interconnected and interdependent world. Some of the world’s most respected collective action, membership and conference organizations have embraced HOW as a central conversation on the state of the world.

The HOW philosophy has also spread well beyond the business world. It is now being used to impact how cities are run, soldiers are trained and the ways in which professional sports franchises use values for competitive advantage.

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  • The Fierce Urgency of HOW

    For more than two decades, Dov Seidman’s pioneering organization, LRN, has helped some of the world’s most respected companies build “do it right,” winning cultures and inspire principled performance throughout their organizations. Seidman’s distinct vision of the world, business, and human endeavor has helped enable more than 15 million people doing business in more than 120 countries to outbehave the competition. In this session based on his best-selling book How: Why We Do Anything Means Everything, Seidman exposes the forces and factors that have fundamentally restructured the world; provides frameworks to help you understand those hows and implement them in powerful and productive ways; helps you channel your actions and decisions in order to thrive uniquely within today’s new realities; and sheds light on the systems of how and introduces a bold new vision for leading and winning through self-governance.

  • Trust

    Trust is a funny thing, one of those soft things that we often rush by. What’s not so funny is how often it lies at the center of our challenges and opportunities. That is because trust allows us to function in times of uncertainty. Business has long known about the benefits of trust, but absent any real metrics or data found itself at a loss to be able to do anything about it. In this session, Dov Seidman, called the “hottest advisor on the corporate virtue circuit,” by Fortune Magazine and one of the “Top 60 Global Thinkers of the Last Decade” by The Economic Times, shares insights from more than 20 years of visionary business leadership and reveals fundamental truths about trust, with an emphasis on how to build a culture of trust that fosters strong relationships, boosts individual performance, and helps organizations gain a competitive advantage.

  • Building a Human Operating System

    Over the course of the 20th century, the mature economies of the world evolved from being industrial economies to knowledge economies. Now we are at another watershed moment, transitioning to human economies— where our uniquely human capabilities and skills will set us apart – and the shift has profound implications for leaders. Entrepreneur and best-selling author Dov Seidman explains what this new economy means for individuals and organizations and how leaders can navigate its challenges and seize its opportunities. In this session he shares with audiences the three basic elements of the human operating system leaders must understand: 1. Governance: the polices, controls, rules, org charts, goals, and objectives that represent the formal structures of an organization; 2. culture: the values, principles, habits, mind-sets, history, lore, and legends that influence how people behave; and 3. the how of leadership: connection, collaboration, transparency.

  • Finding Humanity in the Age of Machines

    The rapid advances in artificial intelligence force us to grapple with a question that is both philosophical and deeply personal: What does it mean to be human in the age of intelligent machines? In this session, Dov Seidman shares the perspectives that have brought him renown as both a business leader and public philosopher, weaving together insights on modern-day technology and business with timeless wisdom — from Aristotle and Heraclitus to Adam Smith and David Hume. Our present revolution, Seidman explains, is not only one where we will need to rethink the nature and structure of our industries and institutions, but also one where we will need to create new systems that put humanity at the center and come to grips with the transformative implications of such a change.

  • The Case for Moral Leadership in a Reshaped World

    From business to politics, religion to sports, few Americans have more closely observed the changing nature of leadership than Dov Seidman. At a time of eroded trust in traditional institutions and authority, he draws a bold conclusion: we are in the midst of a moral crisis, when leadership itself has been disrupted. In this session, Seidman offers an equally bold call to arms, outlining the urgent need for a new kind of leadership rooted in moral authority. He identifies the five forces irrevocably shaping the world, and the four pillars of moral authority today’s leaders must embody: the pursuit of significant and noble purpose, the ability to inspire, unshakable values, and wisdom.

  • Bridging the Great American Divide

    It’s widely accepted that Americans are more divided than ever before. But what lies at the core of this division? Dov Seidman, founder and CEO of LRN, goes beyond the prevailing assumption, asking: are we divided, or are we being divided? In this session, Seidman examines a range of ubiquitous divisive forces in American life, from inequality to disrupted authority, from a culture of outrage to social media tools that act as echo chambers. Only when we understand the forces, he argues, can we chart a path forward from divisiveness to unity, rooted in a reawakening around timeless, shared values: patience, equanimity, empathy and humility


A values-based and purpose-inspired culture doesn’t happen overnight. It requires a long-term commitment to doing the right thing, standing up for what you believe in, living your values, leading with purpose, understanding your responsibilities, building healthy communities and investing in and developing deep relationships with all stakeholders.

Dov and his team provide full suite of workshops, strategic advice, diagnostic tools, and education solutions to help organizations become more inspired, values-based, and human-oriented.

Our approach brings together a cross-section of experts, practitioners and facilitators, proprietary frameworks and analytics, and tested processes and approaches. We can help you understand why how we behave, lead, govern, operate, consume, engender trust in our relationships, and relate to others matters more than ever and in ways it never has before. Each engagement is highly customized to meet the needs of you and your audience. However, here is a sampling of recent workshops and event experiences to give you a sense for what’s possible.

  • The New Leadership Playbook

    What are your leadership behaviors, habits, and rituals? Are they helping or hurting your organization? What is the new leadership playbook needed to operate and thrive in our reshaped world? This workshop illustrates why how operating today – no matter your industry – requires a new approach and a new type of leadership. In this workshop, Seidman and his team will describe the conditions of the world prompting a new leadership approach, grounded in shared truth, trust and values. This workshop will align leadership teams on how the world is working and the unique advantage found in developing new ways of leading.

  • Elevating Behavior and Living Your Values

    What does your company look like on its best day? What behaviors do you want more of? How do you generate those behaviors? This session will help deepen an embrace for how your organizations’ values help to foster the kinds of behaviors that define success for your organization.

  • The Human Operating System: Human-Centered Corporate Cultures

    Are your systems of governance, culture and leadership working in harmony or misaligned creating unnecessary confusion, inefficiency, frustration and even risk? In this session, Dov and his team will examine the basic elements of the human operating system leaders must understand: 1. Governance: the polices, controls, rules, org charts, goals, and objectives that represent the formal structures of an organization; 2. culture: the values, principles, habits, mind-sets, history, lore, and legends that influence how people behave; and 3. the how of leadership: connection, collaboration, transparency. The session will highlight strengths to invest in and areas where further work is required.

  • The HOW Conference

    Are you looking to align your event around a big idea? Frame all of your endeavors in light of how the world is working today? Are you hoping to plan an engagement to deepen an embrace of your company’s values, unique corporate culture, expectations for elevated behavior? Our experience is that this can be difficult work and often fails to deliver on the kind of inspirational event that lasts beyond the meeting itself. Dov and his team know better than anyone how to engage on seemingly nebulous topics of trust, responsibility, etc. and turn that experience into accountability and individual and collective embrace of the ideas.