HOW is a philosophical framework for the changing role of behavior, governance, culture and leadership in contemporary society. It’s a way of thinking about individual and organizational behavior in a world that has been reshaped, and is increasingly complex, interconnected and interdependent. In this world, HOW we do anything means everything.

The HOW Philosophy



HOW @ Work

Developed over years of working with businesses of all shapes and sizes, these simple frameworks will help you achieve sustainable success through embracing that HOW matters. To learn more, please contact LRN.

The How Report

It’s time to start measuring what matters.

Organizations that succeed in today’s reshaped world are those that are purpose-inspired, values-based, and led with moral authority. Getting there requires a new set of metrics.

The HOW Report is based on comprehensive data collected from 16,000 employees in 17 countries. We found that Self-Governing Organizations, whose employees are inspired by a desire for significance and encouraged to act as a leaders regardless of role, produce better business outcomes by all meaningful measures.

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The State of Moral Leadership in Business

Four in five employees (83%) think their companies would make better decisions if they followed the “Golden Rule” – “Treat others as you would have them treat you.”

Moral leadership is in short supply. Employees report only 20% of CEOs as pursuing a significant and noble purpose, one that will make the world a better place.

Only 2 in 5 leaders create opportunities for their teams to pause and reflect on their purpose and values. Leaders who do are 11X more likely to achieve their business goals.

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