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Nearly 25 years ago, Dov Seidman founded LRN, a technology and education company that provides ethics and compliance software and content to corporations across the globe. LRN also advises companies on shaping values-based leadership, cultures and governance as sources of competitive advantage. LRN has helped to elevate the conduct of more than 35 million corporate employees around the world. In 2010, LRN was invited by the World Economic Forum to join their Forum Member community, which represents outstanding, global organizations chosen for their innovative business models, market influence, industry disruption, corporate citizenship and visionary leadership.

Dov is the author of the book HOW: Why HOW We Do Anything Means Everything, a New York Times best seller that offers a philosophical framework for individual and organizational behavior in a world that is increasingly interconnected and interdependent. In the book, Dov describes how the world has been reshaped and the implications and imperatives for us, our institutions, society and humanity as a whole.

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"Hottest advisor on the corporate virtue circuit."


Top 60 Global Thinkers of the Last Decade



The world is changing fast—we are more interconnected and interdependent than ever before. HOW we do what we do has always mattered. But today, HOW matters more than ever and in ways that it never has before. Technology has joined us together across time, distance, and culture faster than we have developed frameworks to understand one another. That’s why we must change the way we behave, consume, and build trust in both our business and personal lives. This is the impetus behind HOW.

We have to innovate in how we approach our relationships with others if we – and the organizations and institutions that we represent – are to thrive in this new world. We also have to change our idea of success. The singular pursuit of success might be the very thing that causes it to elude us. Those who instead choose to pursue significance in their work and life find success for themselves and others along the way.

HOW is a journey. We’re constantly fascinated by new ideas in organizational governance and behavior. At LRN, we put ideas, values, and principles to work for our partners, and in our own organization. We hope that our HOW communities contribute to the experimentation and dialogue, too. The real inspiration behind any idea, or any movement for change, comes from the community engaging with that idea. We ask you to join our community, and make us part of yours.



LRN is a company of leaders. But not just any leaders, ethical leaders.

Since 1994, LRN has helped more than 20 million people at 700 companies across the world simultaneously navigate legal and regulatory environments and foster ethical cultures. With a combination of practical tools, education, and strategic advice, we guide companies as they translate their unique values into concrete corporate practices and leadership behaviors that create a sustainable competitive advantage.

With LRN and the philosophy of HOW, companies no longer have to choose between enhancing their reputation or maximizing their profits: both are products of principled performance.

LRN works with organizations in more than 100 countries and has offices in New York, Los Angeles, London, and Mumbai.

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    Has helped more than 30 million people at 1000 companies across the world.

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    LRN has worked with over 1000 organizations.

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    LRN works with organizations in more than 100 countries.

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