Dov Seidman and Tom Friedman Talk About Today’s Largest Forces | HOW Matters

In a recent HOW Matters conversation, Dov and New York Times columnist and best-selling author, Tom Friedman paused to reflect on the profound implications and urgent imperatives of a world that has been reshaped faster than we’ve yet been able to reshape ourselves, institutions, communities, and leadership. Among the topics discussed, Tom outlined his guide to thriving in this “age of acceleration” and shared insights from his latest best-selling book, Thank You for Being Late, recently released in paperback.

Such a pause is needed given what Friedman describes as three accelerations—the market (globalization), mother nature (climate change), and Moore’s Law (technology)—together reshaping our five key realms: the workplace, politics, geopolitics, ethics, and community. The year 2007 was a major inflection point, with technological breakthroughs—such as the introduction of the iPhone, the Android platform, the cloud, the Kindle, to name a few—forever changing the way we live, work and interact.



HOW Matters is a series of one-on-one conversations between Dov Seidman and the world’s greatest thinkers and most prominent leaders on the state of our reshaped world and the implications and imperatives for all of us.


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